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2016-09-11-10-18-10“​Would God use the Ladies Retreat to extend His ministry far beyond our ladies?  I believe He wants to!  I’m praying He does!”

This was our Pastor’s response after he read the many testimonies of women who attended our Avalon Church Women’s Retreat in Orlando last weekend  God is moving!! ​


I sensed the Holy Spirit working powerfully ​after I wrote to you last week and asked for your prayer covering. That same day we met with our butterfly leaders to brief them and pray for the event.  During our prayer time we sensed an air of expectancy among us that God was going to move powerfully at the retreat!

Ask for great and mighty things and He will do great and mighty things! 2016-09-06-18-54-03(Jeremiah 33:3)  We asked with you, for revival and awakening in the hearts of the 80 women coming. And God answered.

The outpouring of God’s love through His word and the Holy Spirit, transformed women’s hearts as they grasped their “true identity” as the Bride He has chosen.

The Holy Spirit revived many hearts and awakened others! Chains were broken, seeds to freedom were planted, intimacy with Jesus was rekindled, trust in God was renewed, hope in His power was unleashed!

One woman shared – ​I watched the eyes of women around the room opening – I saw their faith growing.
Baskets of healing: ​As we reflected on our position as the Bride we considered how we are dressing. I invited women to take off the unworthy dress we wear in the form of hidden wounds, anger, resentment, ​un-forgiveness, ​shame, guilt, ​secret sins, and the names of those ​we need to forgive including ourselves.

Baskets were passed round the room to collect those things each woman wanted to take off by confessing, writing them down and releasing them to God.

The baskets came back full!!!  ​The confession and release of so many wounds was 2016-09-10-14-49-40evidence that healing and renewal of many hearts was in process…..It was the bride acknowledging she is nothing without the bridegroom.

It was the bride rising up to dress in the garments He has given her…a bride who knows she is chosen and dresses worthy of the bridegroom she is waiting for!

Thank you Father God! The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is still giving life to our mortal bodies today!

I hope you will enjoy this short video link of how God answered your prayers; what the Holy Spirit did in the hearts of women willing to humble themselves, to confess their need and to yield to Him in total dependence….click for video.

2016-09-09-18-46-195Please continue to pray for each woman who is now joining a Butterfly group, to continue to grow in greater freedom and intimacy with Jesus, and to bring His love and fragrance to others.

You can also partner with us to help more women experience spiritual transformation and freedom in the USA and Worldwide by making an ONLINE donation. Simply click click here.

With love and gratitude for you dear friend, as we long for our Bridegroom together,

Yours in our Lord Jesus​,

Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled, Inc.

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