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“Metamorphasis is not information but transformation.”

Thank you for praying for Jagoda our Butterfly Leader in Poland as she ​le​ads​ two groups in Warsaw and Kolo through LUV Transformation and Multiplication Discipleship​. It is exciting to read how the Holy Spirit is transforming these believers​ as they learn that transformation is about being not about doing.​​

W​e cannot make ourselves more spiritual by doing or knowing more….
​f​ocusing on our own spirituality rather than on Jesus makes us think about ourselves which keeps us in bondage. It’s a strategy the enemy uses to keep us going back to self and our own works, reminding us only of our inadequacies, weaknesses and failures, frustrating us. Our Butterflies in Poland are experiencing the freedom that comes through intimacy with Jesus. ​

​”This workshop moved me very much and I’m grateful to God that He revealed Himself to me again, but this time more powerfully – as a Great, Mighty and Loving God. And that I’m His daughter, that He was willing to “take me in His arms”, He has a purpose for me and wants me to develop and grow in knowing Him. And this is amazing. Now I want to study both of the workshops even more”J. Magda.

“During the last Transformation Workshop, I clearly came to understand that I had been chosen – chosen by God for some reason. Somehow I even deeper realized that fact. It’s God who chose me, and not me who chose Him. Of course I know it, but often my life doesn’t reflect it. A deep awareness of this truth – that it is God who chose me – completely changes my perspective. Instead of concentrating on doing things for God, I begin to carefully listen to what He intended for me. God also reminded me of the great importance of His Word in a Christian’s life, and of His promises that never change, promises that I could always hold on to. And I really liked when Jagoda kept repeating: “Metamorphosis is not information, it’s a transformation. I totally agree!” — Monika.


​”​Lately, I’ve been longing for God’s presence so much, and this workshop opened my eyes. I’m God’s daughter and nothing can change it, my moods, hard days… they are not important. I must abide in the Word and this is what I want the most. I’ve also learned that when reading the Bible, I should take notice of God’s promises, because knowing them, I get to know God’s intentions and purposes for me – I know what He promises to me and what I can hold on to during hard moments. Holding on to God’s promises is really a great treasure, a kind of treasure for everyday life. I must study that workshop even more deeply, because I’m still waiting for God’s directions in the area of leading/mentoring others… But as for now, I focus on my fellowship with Lord,“​ Danusia.

​​Praise God for evidence of His Spirit working in these butterflies. Please continue ​to pray for them, and the vision ​ God has given Jagoda, to disciple, equip and empower these women to be spiritual leaders in Poland who will bring transformation and freedom to other women.

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