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Dear friend,

Have you heard of the “butterfly effect”? In physics, it describes how tiny changes in initial conditions such as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, can affect weather thousands of miles away.

We are experiencing the butterfly effect! From the US to Cambodia, God’s love is a transforming power. Silently, gently, unseen, our butterflies are impacting the world, creating a hidden tsunami of love and healing!

Thank you for praying for our leaders around the world as they equip others in the word to spread Jesus fragrance and bring freedom to those in bondage.

January Butterfly News

India Multiplication: We have been invited through a large church planting ministry to equip women in North India to use our Butterfly tools for evangelizing and church planting. The national coordinator heard about our ministry through his aunty, one of our butterfly leaders in India. Our India Butterfly Coordinator is discussing training plans with him.

Cambodia: We now have three generations of butterfly disciples. Butterfly leader Nan began training in North Carolina in 2012. She went to Cambodia, arranged LUV translations in Khmer and began discipling a Cambodian believer. Nan had to return home to the US when her daughter was diagnosed with two tumors on her brain, but the Cambodian believer started discipling a butterfly group of 5 women in Cambodia last month. Nan writes, “We have a girls at a retreat this weekend and are baptizing several of the gals at the ‘dorm’. (Water is everywhere, but in the city its all sewage ) so they go the the beach.  ‘Please pray for women in Cambodia to get value, respect and speak up for their family. And pray for our women in the retreat to have wisdom and be able to train their disciples to follow Jesus and reach out to other people or their family to believe Jesus.’ We are excited that Nan and the Cambodian believer will join us in North Carolina this month for Workshop 4 Training . Pray for Nan’s daughter Emily!

Russia: Butterfly Marina is reaching sex trafficking victims. She writes “On Monday I start a group with a girl who was 10 years in sexual slavery. Along with her there will be a woman who is involved in this ministry. She will be supporting her in this but also will go through workshops. Please keep us in your prayers as we get started. That the Holy Spirit speaks through me and reveals His mercy, love and care for these girls. Please pray for these girls, that it would be a time of spiritual rebirth, renewal, God’s revelations and special intimacy with Christ. Please pray that after this group, we all fall in love with even more of Our Savior.”

North Carolina: Butterfly Samantha reveals God’s love in jails and churches. She writes “LUV has became a part of my life. My life has been transformed. I use this material at Lifeworks. I use it in jail and at a domestic violence center. God has equipped us in great ways to present Him and to bring Glory to His Name. I spoke at a Church. I cannot describe to you the response. The women encircled me telling me about themselves. It was as if they had never talked to anyone and they were pouring themselves out. GOD used Love UnVeiled to help me be a more effective disciple, in fact this is what I have been praying for. I teach women to walk along beside each other, while you walk beside me. There are times I know you are praying for me. You are equipping me. I praise God for sending you here. I am looking forward to the next workshop. I receive such encouragement. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Together we are bringing Jesus to a broken world.

Please praying for our LUV butterfly leaders!

In His love Liz

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