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Dear precious brothers and sisters,  ​

As I watched and ​listened to this song ​”​Arise My Love” ​I​ ​couldn’t help but ​believe it is the song of God’s heart to His Bride today,  “Arise My Love. ​ ​Arise My Love – the Grave no longer has a hold on you! No more death’s sting, no more suffering, arise, arise……!”


What an invitation to His ​church!  One day soon we will arise with Him. But today, I believe He is calling His Bride to arise right here and now, this Easter.

Will we His Bride, walk in His love today, testify to His healing today, live in His freedom and proclaim His victory today – until we soon hear His sweet voice cry “Arise My Love, My fair one come away” to be with Him forever.

Thank you Jesus for drinking the cup of sin and suffering, that we may li​ve with you in freedom ​today ​and forever. As we thank you today for your death and resurrection, prepare the heart and ears of your Bride to hear your call to “Arise.”

Today, precious family of God, as we remember Jesus death, I thank Him for the cost of His suffering love which brought us together as One in Him.

​I pray you experience the deep love of God poured out on you and your family today.

Yours in His ​amazing Love.


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