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“​Y​our ​Bridegroom is overwhelmed with your beauty!”​

 This was a one line text I received from one of our Butterflies, last Valentine’s Day.  ​

​​I love to help women understand that Jesus is our Bridegroom and we the Church are His Bride. Yet this text deeply affected me. ​​It made me pause and consider… “Really? What beauty does Jesus see in me?”

​I didn’t feel worthy of such ​an outrageous love message!

​It was a season when I was feeling far from beautiful. I was able to tell everyone else about their beauty in God’s eyes but based on some of my attitudes and responses in handling some difficult c​ircumstances I didn’t feel beautiful.

So I asked the question ” What beauty does Jesus see in me?.”

The answer came back almost immediately – “I am beautiful because of His beauty, not because of my beauty.”

My unworthiness keeps me in shame, condemnation and hiding. Others don’t see the condition of my heart – but I do. I know the thoughts and lies that can fester under the surface; impatience, critical spirit, fear, discouragement.

But when Jesus looks at me, He sees ​only His own beauty. He sees His own righteousness. He sees the woman He intends me to be, the woman I will become.  He looks beyond the now, to the fullness of the glory of who I will be when I’m face-to-face with Him for​,”it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is” 1 John 3.2  

This is what He sees in me. God is neither past, present or future. He is the great I Am. He is always present. He just always “is”. He doesn’t change from day to day depending on my behavior. He is constant in His love and His work, transforming me day by day into His glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18. He knows where He is leading me and He will complete what He has begun in me. Philippians 1:6.

Precious Butterfly, Bride of Christ, brothers and sisters, if you are struggling this Valentine’s Day feeling ugly, lonely, inadequate, unloved, or undeserving of His love, ​ Jesus says ​ “I ​have removed your veil and I ​am overwhelmed with your beauty.” 2 Corinthians 3:16, ​Psalm 45:11​, Song of Songs 4:9, 5:5.

Receive and believe Jesus words of love to you today.  We are ​the love of His life, the Bride He paid for with His life. ​There is no one more precious in His sight than you are! Look into His eyes as He whispers His love to you ​today and see His beauty reflected there. His beauty in you.

​​Rest in His unconditional love. Your ​Bridegroom is overwhelmed with your beauty​!

I am My Beloveds and He is mine He brought me into His banqueting house and His banner over me was LOVE. Song of Songs 2:4