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​The article “Prophetic Word: The Lord Says ‘You Are Not Alone in Your Metamorphosis'” written by Dawn Hill  in Charisma Magazine, perfectly and beautifully describes the heart of the ministry of Love UnVeiled.  The story of the Butterfly appears so simple, so light, so feminine, so childlike –  not the meat for “mature” believers. But the process of accessing that freedom and simplicity is not light, simple, feminine or childlike. It is a freedom and simplicity found only in death. The “cocoon” season, where we all must go who long to experience deeper intimacy with Jesus, can be ugly, painful, fearful and lonely – until we learn that in that place of death and surrender we meet Jesus as we never saw Him before, we experience His deep love and healing, we shake off the boundaries of religion and knowledge of God, to deeply knowing Him in an intimate way. He becomes our all in all, the only Way, the Truth and the Life. We come out singing “To worship You I live – nothing else matters.” Are we willing to yield to death in order to experience His beauty and freedom – to be who He created us to be – transformed into His image, from glory to glory.

Here are a few excerpts from Dawn Hill’s article as it originally appears in Charisma Magazine:

God desires for the new creation to come forth in His beloved. When we are in Christ, the old passes away, and the new creation comes forth (2 Cor. 5:17). We are equipped for full transformation in the process of sweet surrender, as we are broken down to come into the fullness that is Christ. Yielding to the process of metamorphosis culminates into a state of accelerated transformation.

​….Becoming more like Christ sounds glamorous, but the kingdom of God is not the same as any other kingdom. Death is our gain when it comes to Christ, and ascension is found in bowing low. It is easy to praise and to worship God when you have wings. It is easy to praise when you are intact and grounded in comfort, but it is the praise in the gloriously ruined state that rings the truest.

​​The Lord wants to know, will you praise Him in the process before the promise manifests? Will you still have a song in your spirit when you, as His masterpiece, are in a state as a fluid canvas, lacking visible and vibrant colors for others to see? If you are in the process, count it all loss that you may know Him (Phil. 3:8). It may seem that you are ruined and things will not come together, but in His presence, all that is needed for transformation is there…….The point of becoming the butterfly is not to soar unto ourselves, but to soar for His glory.

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