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​O​ur ​B​utterflies are multiplying and going into all the world! ​


Praise God for this ​fantastic ​report from our Orlando Butterfly on mission in Madagascar! ​This young woman joined our team to minister to 130 girls i​n Madagascar, from very poverty ridden and abused backgrounds ​. Thirty girls
​come from prison. Our butterfly has been sharing the gospel through Magdalena Movie and The Butterfly Story. She is also teaching some of the girls to make jewelry to help provide income.

​Before she left​ home, our butterfly experienced ​some ​very difficult and dark ​
trials. Now we know why! ​She was in the battle before the break through. ​
God was preparing ​her ​ to bring these girls from darkness to light! Here is her report…

Untitled“40 GIRLS CAME TO KNOW JESUS TODAY!!!!! We had five people praying ​for them ​with translators, ​after showing the movie Magdalena.

The butterfly presentation went beautifully! In Madagascar names have meaning so each name of each girl provided insight for us in how to pray. They all picked their butterflies with REAL insight as to what each color and shape meant and how they believed God was creating and purposing their lives! It was a powerful day. I am overwhelmed by the power and faithfulness of God.

There were cheers around the tables as God revealed to each girl which butterfly they were and why!!

They learned how Satan’s bondage keeps us living like a caterpillar. They are IMG_2925learning that God made each butterfly unique and different – just as we are unique to Him. All the girls drew their own butterfly and told of its symbolism!! What a Beautiful time.

Dear ​friend thank you for praying for Ansley and the team. We rejoice with you and give God all the glory.

Please continue to pray:

  • The Holy Spirit will complete the work He has begun in these girls – that Jesus will be very real to them.
  • The Holy Spirit will empower Ansley in the time remaining to teach His word in love and truth so these girls will truly understand their value, their identity and their purpose in Jesus.
  • The Holy Spirit will heal their hearts and minds, and transform these girls to live in His freedom.

Yours in His love

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