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Dear friends, 

We have been very concerned this week hearing of the heavy bombings in Ukraine. I have been praying with a friend here in Florida who has been anxious for the safety of her son based in Kyiv.  She is not alone. Many refugee families, women and children are concerned about their families, fathers, sons and brothers in Ukraine. 

In Moldova and Lithuania our leaders have started butterfly groups to minister to the broken hearted displaced women refugees coming from Ukraine to their countries. 

I received this powerful testimony today from Angie, one of our leaders in Moldova who is working with Ukrainian refugee women; 

“I want to share with you a very encouraging story that happened yesterday. It was the day I was going to the refugee center for women and kids. I invited women to share the Butterfly Story. They were very sad and upset about the tragic situation in Ucraina with the bombing. I invited them to pray and asked if any of them have someone on the battlefield. One of them said her brother is on the battlefield and started crying because she didn’t hear anything from him for the last few weeks. They can’t contact him and he is not contacting the family. We prayed for him and asked God to give him the possibility to contact his family if he is alive. While I was sharing the Butterfly Story, this woman received a message from her brother! He is alive and fine. That was a powerful testimony of God’s love, mercy and power. Two of the women prayed and invited Jesus in their hearts!!”

We praise God once again for this witness that He is a very present help in trouble!  And for the two precious souls who were saved by faith in Jesus, in the midst of their trouble!  Psalm 46:1!!! 

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