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 “Before I received the LUV training, I was a Christian but I didn’t know how to fly for Jesus. When I completed Workshop One, then I knew who I was and who God is. I knew that I was the friend of Jesus and His bride. I found out God had given me a purpose to teach His Word and to go out and set free those under the bondage of Satan. As in 2 Corinthians 5:17, I found  I was a new creation.

 I am married and don’t have children, but God told me He would give me spiritual children. I learned about Joshua – that I can go out like Joshua and take the land God has given me. God has promised wherever I put my foot, He will change the lives of the people through His Word. When I walk and follow God, He shows me His power. As I went out, both women and men, brothers and sisters in the church began to be set free. The devil tempted God’s people, but God told me not to be afraid. Many of them believe in Jesus as savior but they are under oppression of the devil because they do not know God’s word.  Many of the people have evil spirits. Now I sacrifice and spend time with them, helping them get freedom from the enemy so that all those living under the bondage of Satan will become God’s free children.  We want to fly up higher in the Kingdom of God.

My desire is to fulfill Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18-20.  Many of the believers have accepted Jesus with their lives but they don’t really have Jesus living in their hearts. When the Spirit of God brought this training to me and I shared it with them, many were seized by  demon spirits and began bowing down to those spirits.  God gave me spiritual eyes to see the people were living under great suffering and pain. But I remembered God’s Word to me in the LUV teaching on Moses, Exodus 4:10-12, that God had given me His Word and His power to bring freedom. So I laid my hands  on the people and kept praying for them. God gave me spiritual insight to pray for one man who was demon possessed. I prayed for this man for 4.5 hours to be delivered. I believed that Jesus died and was resurrected and this is what I prayed over the man with these words  – that Jesus who died and was resurrected had power over Satan to raise this man from the dead.  I prayed in the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus that the power that ripped the curtain in the temple would raise this man. After 4.5 hours God delivered him and he was set free as a testimony to others.  Thank you for coming to bring this training to give us the strength to fly and testify in power!”

When Vivian was sharing her testimony, she spoke with power, authority and the boldness of a lion! When she stopped sharing, she was a very quiet, humble young woman. Yet the passion of God flowed through her each time she remembered something else God had done.  Suddenly her face would become serious and she would lean intently towards her translator and share something she desperately wanted us to hear. There was no pride, it was a genuine recounting and witness of the powerful transformation God has brought about in her live and others in her tribal community. We had to speak through two language translators to communicate in three languages.

When I spoke with Vivian at the end of her testimony, she suddenly realized I was Liz who wrote the letters and teaching. She burst into tears and hung onto my neck, stroking my arms saying, “I thought you were in heaven, I didn’t know you had come here.  I didn’t know I would ever meet you before heaven. We are sisters!”  We both wept. My own weeping was in repentance and shame for complaining on the many days I was weary writing lessons, and for the days I didn’t want to fly 30 hours round the world to teach, and for the days I had been short-fused, exhausted and weary from teaching women whose culture and language I didn’t understand. Little did I imagine God had plans far beyond anything I could see sitting in my home writing for women at the other side of the world.