Love UnVeiled (LUV) is called to transform, equip and empower women to be all God wants them to be, setting them free to fly in His purpose and multiply His glory all over the world.

  • We believe women have an integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Two thirds of the world wide church today is women.
  • In some countries women form over 75 – 80 percent of the church.

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LUV Three Year Butterfly Workshop Plan

1. Identify and recruit lay women in each area who have the desire and are able, willing and available to be trained in LUV leadership and discipleship principals.  (Up to twelve women in each area.)

2. Provide three or four day (depending on the need) LUV Leadership & Discipleship workshops every six months for three years to encourage these women in their personal relationship with Jesus, teach them the word, and equip and release them to teach others.

3. At the end of each LUV workshop we will provide each woman with a copy of the leader’s workbook and a new disciple’s workbook which they will use to train and mentor up to five other women (disciples) before the next workshop held in six months time.

4. Trainees return for the next workshop training only if they have been diligent in studying and applying the lessons in their own lives and have been mentoring and teaching at least one other woman in the same lessons.

Additional Information Regarding Workshop Training

Vision and Purpose of LUV Workshop Training

Three Year Curriculum

Selection Criteria

Biblical Foundation for Butterfly Training

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