The Love UnVeiled (LUV) Board of Directors provides encouragement and counsel to Liz Dickson, the founder and executive director of LUV. As a Board of Directors, we also serve as a group of peers to provide a source of spiritual accountability to Liz and the work of LUV.

2018 Board of Directors:

  • Jerry Roberts, Treasurer
  • Cathi Balboa, Secretary
  • Marf Meister, Director
  • Ray Meister, Director
  • Amanda Johnson, Director

Statement from the Board: As members of the Board of Directors, we want to provide additional information regarding the ministry of Love UnVeiled.

1. Love UnVeiled (LUV) has been a tax exempt 501(c)(3) legal entity since 2007 under the laws of the United States and the state of Florida. As such, Liz Dickson serves as the President, and the Board serves within the legal requirements of the laws of the country and state.

2. From a biblical and ministry philosophy perspective, Love UnVeiled (LUV) is a spiritual ministry in the lives of people operating under the guidance of the Scriptures and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in and through the lives of Liz, her staff, and the members of the Board.

3. Liz’s role is as the founder and leader of this ministry. She leads the staff, and gives ministry leadership, direction and philosophy of ministry to the staff and the board members.

4. The board’s spiritual role in the ministry is to provide encouragement and advice to Liz, and to be a group of peers to provide a source of spiritual accountability.

5. Financially, this is a “faith-based” ministry. Liz’s role includes the responsibility to raise all funds for her personal support, the support of her staff, and all expenses of the ministry, national and international.  The board provides advice and encouragement in this process, but has no required role in providing financial support of the ministry. 

6. Liz and her staff are paid a salary from the funds which Liz helps to raise. Her salary is set and approved by the board of directors and paid through Love UnVeiled Inc., the legal entity.

If you would like further information regarding the ministry of Love UnVeiled or the role of the Board of Directors, please e-mail us at