The Transforming Power of God’s Love

Dear friend,

I am always challenged to find ways to communicate with you the incredible things that IMG_4272 (2)God does in women’s lives during our 4 day workshops.  I can only describe as miraculous what happens as women are transformed and set free to be the women God created them to be, understanding they are more than their role, they have an identity created by God, ​for a purpose.

Often women don’t know why they are coming. They come just following a prompting from the Lord, or wanting tools and materials to minister to women. As they receive healing in God’s word and experience freedom from the lies and bondage of the enemy, their past, their culture, and even religion, women are changed by God’s love for them. Empowered to fulfill their purpose they become courageous women of passion and faith who boldly become His ministers and witnesses wherever God calls them to multiply.

Diana, a mother of seven, is one of those women.  She came to Workshop One in April from Lithuania,​ Europe on a prompting from the Holy Spirit. She brought her friend and ministry partner Aurelija with her. Both women came wanting to find more ways to reach women in their country.  Diana is on staff with Agape Europe (CRU) and Aurelija is a volunteer. They have both faithfully served the Lord and been believers for twenty years.

After the workshop Diana and Aurelija told me their experience was life changing and they wanted to share their experience with our partners, and so that other woman might experience what they have experienced.

​You will be blessed by Diana’s short video ​testimony. I will share Aurelija’s testimony in a following newsletter. All glory to God for His transforming power in their lives. Pray that as they continue to learn to fly higher in His Spirit and Truth they will be able to reach any women in their country.

Diana’s Testimony – Click Here!

In His Love


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director

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The Yoke Destroyed!

And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil! Isaiah 10:27.

These words hidden in Isaiah 10 (NKJV) captured my IMG_4589heart with their power and promise of hope and freedom.  I praise God today that He has broken the yoke in my own life and in the lives of so many women under the yoke of bondage to the enemy’s lies. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! 2 Corinthians 3:17.

I’ve tried everything, every program, every tool, nothing works. I’m ready to try Jesus!”  This desperate young woman arrived at the door of our partner ministry, Life Works a year ago.  Ricki Lynn our Butterfly leader opened the door leading her to freedom in Jesus and discipling her for a year in God’s word through the Butterfly teaching.

Today this young butterfly is transformed, no longer a caterpillar but living free as a buIMG_4615tterfly. Jesus has broken her yoke of alcohol addiction and delivered her from the roots that drove her there. He has given her a new identity and a new beginning.  This single mom is now able to parent her two beautiful daughters and will join nursing school in the fall.

This is just one of many testimonies I heard at the Butterfly graduation I attended in North Carolina last month. The graduation was a victory celebration! A day of glory to Jesus and defeat for the enemy!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the church as each woman shared how Jesus had broken the yoke of slavery and the Holy Spirit has transformed their lives as broken captives into King’s daughters, with His anointing oil!IMG_4609

The battle with drug and alcohol abuse in N. Carolina is dark and overwhelming.  But every woman who gave testimony at the graduation has been set free from alcohol and drug addiction.  Their lives have been completely transformed by applying the word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit through the one to one faithful discipleship and mentoring of our Butterfly leaders Samantha, Ricki Lynn and other butterfly mentors who have walked with each one of them through their struggles and battle to freedom.

IMG_4572It was exciting and encouraging for me to see God working in this fourth generation of Butterflies in North Carolina.

Every day I receive amazing reports of how God is using the Butterflies who come to Orlando for training to be equipped and empowered to reach women.

It is happening as women experience and build on the simple foundation the Lord gave me 11 years ago.


1.       Transformed by God’s Love

2.       Equipped in God’s Word

3.       Empowered by the Holy Spirit

4.       Set Free to Multiply (and fly).

God is raising and army of butterflies who are flying out of our Orlando workshops to reaching the next generation of women in their countries and communities around the world.  I have so much more to share, please look out for the next updates and please continue to pray for me, for strength, for wisdom and for provision to continue the work and for power to continue to teach God’s word boldly so that more women will be set women free to fly!

Praise and Prayer!

  • Please pray for Samantha, Ricki Lynn and our butterfly mentors in North Carolina as they work in the harvest to save and transform women broken by drug and alcohol abuse. Pray they will be strengthened, encouraged and empowered daily by the Spirit of God.
  • Pray for Samantha’s heath recovering from a debilitating virus.
  • I am thankful that the extensive dental surgery I had 2 weeks ago is healing and I will be able to fly to Europe today! Thank you for your prayers!! I have had very little pain in the recovery!!
  • Today I leave for Europe for 5 weeks – for ministry – and to visit my family. I value your prayers for safe travel and for the Lord’s anointing on the ministry times and presentations ahead – more detail to follow!

With love and thankfulness for your prayers and investment to continue to disciple women and equip them to multiply around the world!


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
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Flying Free for the First Time

Dear friend,

God is doing SO much among our Butterflies world wide, it’s hard to know what to share.  But I’ll start by saying THANK YOU for praying for our Workshop last weekend!

Once again the Holy Spirit worked powerfully IMG_4177-6 (2)bringing transformation, healing and freedom in the lives of women who joined us for the first time from Lithuania and around the USA. They came to be equipped to reach other women, but found that God wanted to work in their own lives.  We experienced several unexpected interruptions, but God used all of it to bring us to a place of greater transparency and freedom.

These are some of the precious testimonies women shared: 

I haven’t felt this spiritually free in a long time.  No, I haven’t EVER been this free! Thank you, LORD! “

Thankful for your passion to bring others to a deeper level of loving Jesus and finding our identity which enables us to love more deeply, too. Being engaged in this process together brings life to me.”

I can honestly say that a stronghold was uprooted for me. I feel more open, lighter, free-er …my wings are a little stronger. ”

I have regained the childhood I lost.  My soul will dance! “

God removed a major obstacle from my past. He has given me new freedom and joy. I can fly.

Some friends who met with two of our butterflies after the training wrote;
They both were very excited about the training and look forward to the next one in October.  Both their husbands told us they had been sharing with friends what the training meant to them and were encouraging a few of them to consider the training for themselves.”

One butterfly shared that she was clueless as to why she should come and was expecting a training that she could take away to use in her ministries. What she did not expect was how personal and real the training was for her as a person. ”     

I am in awe of all the Lord is doing through His daughters. While the Holy Spirit was working in our group in Orlando, I was also receiving reports from our Butterflies in other parts of the world who were experiencing God working among them…   

FRANCE:  Butterfly Marie Carmen was in French-1505425933670_transformationfrenchspeaking Africa where she shared the Butterfly Story in English with a woman from Pakistan, and in French (Le Papillon) with a group of 9 local people.  She wrote “I was excited for these opportunities outside of my country!”  Next month, Marie Carmen will lead a 3- Day Avec Z’Elle Butterfly Conference, June 6-9 in French Caribbean, Martinique!  Pray the Lord will transform women’s lives!     

S.E ASIA:  Butterfly leader Pat wrote The Highlands growth continues at a phenomenal rate!  TH will go with 3 other Butterfly leaders to one of the mountain regions in June to give Level 6 Butterfly disciple training to 300 tribal women. TH is asking for 1000 more flip charts and butterflies puppets to equip the leaders who are currently without them!!”

May2018 (2)BRAZIL: Butterfly leader Marli  led a new group of women through LUV Workshop 1 last weekend. She wrote “God brought mature and committed leaders that were eager to learn more from Him. For three and a half days, we started 8.30 in morning, stopped just to eat, and continued until late evenings 11 pm.  I am so thankful God is raising these Brazilian women willing to surrender to Him and serve Him to set others free.

INDIA: Butterfly leader “M” has been courageously speaking in different churches to 5e98b481-c537-4932-9210-eadb37cc9e7braise prayer for women facing  terrible abuse and gang rapes which are coming to light in India media.  Last weekend she also held LUV Workshop 1  for new women and wrote “It’s very hot weather and by evening of Day 1 I had body pain and fever. Day 2 each woman faced a battle to join us but each one came with a testimony to share about how God made a way.  Day 3 God did a great work in the ladies who made it through the trials to complete the 3 days.  One woman is the cell group leader in a  growing church full of new believers. She is excited to begin sharing the Butterfly teaching with these new disciples. Pray for M, for safety and courage as she opens her voice to bring hope to those who have have no voice.

Please pray: 

  • God will continue to equip and empower our Butterflies mentioned here, to boldly reach women in Lithuania, Brazil, France, Martinique,  India,  S. E Asia and USA.
  • Please pray about giving to help us raise $5,000 to equip our 300 butterflies in S.E Asia to reach 1000s ore  Un-Reached,  and $6,000 for translations of our materials in Russian, Romanian and Portuguese.
  • Workshop this weekend.  I am totally desperate and dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead our precious  Butterflies from Moldova, Brazil, S. Florida and Avalon, Orlando through their 5th Workshop as they come thirsty to be refreshed with His living water.  God is transforming and empowering these women to reach women from all ages in small groups, prisons, jails, schools, homes and churches.  Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to equip us to be women who know how to use His two edge sword to bring His love, truth and freedom to women. 

Thank you dear friend and partner for your invaluable prayers and support! 
With warm love in our Lord Jesus

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LUV Prayer: New Butterfly Group This Weekend

Set Free to Multiply

Dear Friend,

Last night I waited for 2 hours in the Orlando Airport Arrivals hall to meet two new Butterflies arriving from Lithuania, Europe. Surrounded by seemingly thousands of tourists arriving to enjoy 0f51d530-c1c9-44a7-9ff1-f9b16a045b8dFlorida sunshine and attractions my heart was suddenly overwhelmed with the stark contrast of my reason for meeting our beautiful Lithuanian butterflies. Traveling many hours from Lithuania to Latvia, Latvia to UK, UK to Orlando, they were coming not to enjoy Florida attractions but “to grow deeper in Jesus and learn how to help women in my country have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and to learn to fly in freedom…

Diana and Aurelija arrived tired, but hungry to be filled up with Jesus. They are part of a new group of 14 women coming to Orlando this week for Workshop One of our Transform and Multiply Leader and Discipleship training for women.

Women are multipliers! When they find a good thing – they talk about it!. Without any advertising or marketing, butterfly groups are multiplying. Women are telling others about their transforming encounter with Jesus and the freedom He has given them finding their true identity in Him. Like the woman at the well, they are spreading His fragrance from city to city, country to country. inviting others to experience freedom in Jesus.

Every woman coming to our Workshop Level One this weekend is coming at the invitation of another Butterfly.  It reminds me of John 1:40-45; Jesus called His disciples, then Andrew brought Peter, and Philip brought Nathanael. That’s happening as women bring other women to our workshops to meet with Jesus…

  • Lithuania, Diana, CRU staff and mother of 7 responded to God’s call to LUV Training when I spoke at the CRU Madrid conference last Nov. Diana invited Aurelija who immediately said yes to coming with her.
  • Oregon: Dana, mother of 7, was invited by Butterfly Kathy who with Linda leads a weekly Butterfly group for Cru women in Orlando.
  • Indiana: Lynn in prison ministry, and Niccole, Youth for Christ were invited by Butterfly Dorota who disciples Polish butterflies in Indiana.
  • Minnesota: Tatiana originally from Moldova, was invited by Moldova Butterflies Aliona and Angie.
  • S. Florida: Julie, was invited by her sister Tanya who leads Butterfly jail group in Florida.
  • E. Florida: Liberty was invited by Butterfly Ricki-Lynn who leads a Butterfly group in N. Carolina.
  • Orlando: Laurie from Athletes in Action was invited by Butterflies Linda and Kathy during their weekly Butterfly group.
  • Orlando: Jane, Ruth and Sandy were invited by Butterfly Theresa, who leads a butterfly group in the healing prayer ministry which they are all part of in Orlando.
  • Orlando: Assiria, originally from Brazil, was invited by Brazil butterfly Marli who leads butterfly groups in Brazil.

ea3df50d-e65b-4f35-a3a8-03240c735e75It is an awesome responsibility seeing God drawing these women to Love UnVeiled. He has a purpose to draw each one closer to Himself, to transform and heal, to re-build and renew, to refill and restore, to equip and empower, and to send them back to their communities and families, overflowing with His Spirit.

The enemy hates believers experiencing healing, identity and freedom because they begin to multiply! There have been many attacks and attempts of the enemy to derail this workshop. But God has strengthened us by His Spirit to increase our prayers and our dependency on Him so that His will be done!

Prayer: I value your prayer covering this weekend as we meet from Thursday evening through Monday evening:

  • Pray the Holy Spirit will shine His light and truth into our hearts as we open up His word.
  • Pray for chains to be broken, freedom from lies and bondage, healing for deep heart wounds.
  • Pray that God’s purpose for every woman will be accomplished and each one will experience a touch from Jesus that will change her life and empower her to be His witness and minister to others.
  • Pray the technology will work.
  • Pray families are safe and well so there are no distractions at home for women.
  • Pray God will have all the glory and honor this week-end.

Thank you for praying, and for giving as the Lord lays it on your heart to help us continue making Spirit filled disciples among women who will build His kingdom around the world!

May the Lord greatly bless you!
With warm love in our Lord Jesus

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Butterflies Multiply in Moldova Prison

2016-05-16 17.33.40 HDRAngie and Aliona, staff with Campus Crusade Moldova, in Eastern Europe, joined LUV workshops in November 2015.  They have been coming to Orlando every 6 months to be equipped to reach women in their region. Recently they shared this report of what God is doing;

Three years ago, God gave us a possibility to have ministry in the prison for women. In Moldova we have just one prison for women. We shared the Gospel using “Magdalena Released From Shame”.  Last September we got permission to start a new Bible study group with women in prison. We offered them the Butterfly teaching and started with a group of 6 women.  Now we have 20 women in our Butterfly group and many of them have believed in Jesus.

One of these women said: “I was supposed to be released from prison a few months ago but I will be here till February. I don’t regret that, I’m thankful to God because during this study I received answers to so many questions. I struggled with these questions many nights, but now I have peace.

Another woman told us: There are many Christian organizations coming with different great programs but no one is like this. The Butterfly group is so helpful!

We are hoping that in future, the women we are discipling in prison now will continue the work and will share the Gospel and disciple other women, starting new groups. We are praying and hoping to see spiritual multiplication in this prison soon!

Aliona and Angie have started several other butterfly groups discipling women in their city and more recently have also been reaching women in a closed and very difficult region of Moldova.

They are also working on translating Love UnVeiled materials into Russian and Romanian languages both needed in Moldova.

​I thank God for the door He has opened for us to reach women in East and West Europe through our partnership with Campus Crusade (Agape Europe). Would you join me in praying for Angie and Aliona and the women of Moldova…

Please Pray: Angie with prison butterfly group

  • Holy Spirit will empower Angie and Aliona with His wisdom and grace to evangelize and disciple women in prison and in the difficult region they have just started.
  • A deep Holy Spirit transformation in each woman’s life during her time in the prison butterfly classes.
  • The women in prison will have courage and conviction to live as Spirit filled disciples who multiply in prison and when they return to life outside prison.
  • Other butterflies who Aliona and Angie are discipling will come along side them to help mentor the women in prison and in other areas.
  • For a US Visa to be granted for Angie to travel to Orlando for LUV Workshop 5 training in May.
  • For Aliona’s family who have had considerable emotional and physical challenges this year.
  • For funds needed to translate and print Butterfly Disciple materials in Russian and Romanian.

Thank you for praying for our courageous butterflies and for your financial gifts to help us continue bringing God’s word to broken women to heal and set them free to be who He created them to be!

With warm love in our Lord Jesus.


Donate to help Aliona and Angie by visiting our safe and secure giving page.

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Freedom at Easter in a S. Florida Jail

Remember the prisoners as if chained with them... Hebrews 13:3

Dear friend,

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to visit the fourth group of women inmates Tanya is leading through our  LUV Transformation Discipleship in a S. Florida Jail.  I was anxious to meet the women and hear what God is doing in their lives.  However, no one was getting approval to visit the jail at this time, and those who normally are approved have to go through a rigorous application process, finger prints, hours long orientation etc.  It would take a miracle for me to be approved to visit!

The miracle happened! Five days after submitting my application letter Tanya wrote “You have been approved! It is God ordained and an answer to prayer!”

On the 2.5 hour drive to the jail the words “YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED!” played over and over in  my mind.   These words gave me permission, confidence and freedom to walk in and out of a place where most women going in do not have the freedom to walk out.

The women came into the jail community meeting room carrying their LUV workbooks and bibles.  I wondered how many of them had ever heard words of approval or acceptance before they came to Tanya’s butterfly group. I felt overwhelming love for these women in their brokenness.

No wonder Jesus loved to hang out with sinners. There must be no better place than jail or prison to understand the power of the gospel or experience the sweet hope of the Good News of God’s love and acceptance through Jesus. The women may have broken a social or civil law, but I was humbly and deeply reminded that there was no difference between us – we have all broken God’s perfect lawBUT GOD SO LOVED the world that He sent His only Son …..not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved! John 3:16-17.

1st graduation group 2 6 17I was so proud of Tanya and what God is doing as He unveils His love and truth to these women every week through her teaching and discipleship. Almost every woman coming through the Jail butterfly groups has received Jesus as her savior. But their wounds go deep.

After a time of worship, Tanya led the women through our lesson on Inner Healing. Several women courageously opened up about their wounds.  A dark shadow came over the face of one young girl who had been full of joy during the worship. She asked Tanya why she felt such deep anger when we talked about forgiveness. I later learned she had been raped by her brother who is now a law enforcement officer.

This is one of many hard painful questions for which these women need answers and healing. Transformation and healing are necessary for them to live in the freedom and approval God has given them. They may be released from jail, or go on to serve a longer sentence in prison but their time in the butterfly groups is helping them to grow, to receive healing in their hearts and to transform their minds with God’s word so they are better equipped and empowered by His Spirit to live in the freedom God has given them where ever they are.

Blurred1st graduation 2 6 17After our time with the women Tanya and I met with the County Jail Chief and his Director of Programs, both godly gracious men, who had approved my visit.

The Chief told us “in our forty years years working here there has never been transformation among women inmates like we have seen in the Love UnVeiled groups. I have attended all of their graduations. I’ve heard their testimonies – their transformation is real – God is working!” 

The Chief has given his full support to continue Love UnVeiled in his jail and wants to endorse Love UnVeiled in other jails in Florida through the Florida Sheriffs Association.

I thank God for the transformation He has done in Tanya’s life and the multiplication resulting through her obedience to His call to the Jail.

Where sin abounded, graced abounded much more! Romans 5:20 has fresh meaning for me this Easter.  I have never been so thankful for God’s grace – nor has His freedom and forgiveness felt so precious, as it did sitting with Tanya and my sisters in jail last week.

This Easter and always, let us thank God that we are “APPROVED” by Jesus to enter boldly into God’s presence – through nothing we have done, but by everything Jesus has done!

Thank you for your prayers and support which allow us to continue bringing Good News to the poor, heal the broken hearted and set captives free!

With warm love and prayers of thanksgiving for you and your family this Easter.

Please Pray:
  • Deliverance from strong holds of addiction and behavior patterns/relationships which can lead to repeated crimes when the women get out of jail.
  • A deep Holy Spirit transformation to take place in each woman’s life during their time in the jail butterfly classes.
  • A hunger to continue to grow as disciples and to be discipled during their time in jail and after they leave.
  • Courage and boldness to live Spirit filled lives in jail and when they leave.
  • Holy Spirit will empower Tanya with wisdom, strength, courage and spiritual understanding as she disciples women in these difficult situations. 
  • For other Butterflies and mentors who will come along side Tanya, to follow up and mentor the women when they are released.
  • For God to raise more Butterflies currently being equipped and discipled in our Workshops, to be ready to go into jails to disciple women when God opens those doors.
  • Funds to provide Tanya with the resources she needs for her women in South Florida. 
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UNSHAKABLE – LUV Prayer Needs & News

Dear friend and partner,

The start of this year has not been a gradual build up but a leap into deep waters. My schedule has been full and sometimes overwhelming but the Lord is stretching us not only to walk on deeper water, but to drink more deeply in Him. Thank you for praying even when I can’t write to ask you. I know it is only prayer that allows us to experience God’s power to bring the Kingdom of God to women.

In early January we had our 4 day workshop with leaders from France, North Carolina and Orlando to multiply transformed disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave fresh vision to some of our butterflies and boldness to fulfill the vision He has already given others;

Marie Carmen left Orlando inspired and encouraged in her vision to reach more women in France and French speaking countries. However, before arriving back home in France she missed 3 flight connections, lost her suitcase and had a harrowing 8 hours stranded in Atlanta when all flights were delayed or cancelled. While crossing the Atlantic Marie Carmen wrote “I thought of the Monarch butterfly flying to Mexico in the storms – It’s wings beaten and torn but it makes the journey to reproduce. I am like the Monarch, my wings are torn but I’m going back to France to reproduce!” 

Marie Carmen is one of many unshakable women whom God is transforming and strengthening in adversity to trust His love and fulfill His purposes no matter what.
Unshakable was the theme the Lord put in my heart for “Let’s Get Realour quarterly conference at Avalon Church last Saturday. Over 90 women from Avalon Church and other churches joined us in worship and to learn how to be be unshakable women in a shaking world. There was great spiritual opposition prior to and during the conference but God powerfully prevailed and the Holy Spirit ministered to many women who were deeply broken and hurting. Eight local butterflies shared their own journey of spiritual transformation and the battles they have experienced to shake them as they step out to minister to other women through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As women heard about God’s power to hold, heal and transform us in the storms, those who came shaking left with hope and a stronger faith that God can help them to be unshakable in their own trials and pain;

“He has revealed to me how to abide in Him and how to bear fruit. He showed me how to become unshakable!”
“It really struck me how much the Lord really loves me, His Daughter. God knew exactly what I needed and showed up in a powerful way. I was astounded how much God was speaking to my heart. He really does want us walking intimately with Him. He came to set the captives free and I used to be one of them.”

“Today I arrived very anxious with this seeming endless trial that I am in the midst of.  But I am learning to have peace as I learn to surrender it all to the Lord.  I shall overcome as I abide in & trust Him.  Thank you so much to all of you serving us!”

Prayer Needs:

Tonight I’m preparing for a 4 day workshop starting tomorrow (2/2), Friday – Monday. Please pray for this group of Orlando leaders;

Kathy and Linda starting a new group this week to bring spiritual freedom, healing and equipping a group of women in East Orlando.;

Renee and the 6 women she brought to our Conference last weekend, some of whom want to continue the journey of transformation;

Jennifer who is sharing the gospel in her workplace;

Shelly who is a great help with LUV video media and is a bright light and influence in her workplace amidst great opposition;

Tanya who God continues to use powerfully in her jail ministry – the final girl in her third jail group in S.Florida who had not yet received Jesus as Savior, received Jesus on my birthday last month! What a gift!

Tomorrow evening (Friday 2/2) I am privileged to speak at an 18-25s Open House outreach event at our church. I’ve been asked to share a gospel message.

Please pray the Holy Spirit will give me power to speak to the hearts of these young people and that He will draw them to Jesus if they don’t know Him.

Pray for strength and wisdom for Martha and our leaders in Indi@ setting women free to know their true value and identity, against great cultural opposition.

Pray for Marli in Brazil to have wisdom and spiritual understanding dealing with opposition and controlling spirits in her ministry in Brazil.
Pray our butterflies in every country will be women who are “Unshakable,” who know how to abide in Jesus and keep living and growing in the freedom of Gods love, His word and His Holy Spirit. Pray they will be empowered daily by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s transforming love to set women free to be who He created them to be!

Thank you!!!

With warm love in our Lord Jesus



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Joyful Beginnings 2018

unnamedDear friend,

These photos were among my greatest gifts beginning 2018!  They signify the joyful, hopeful new season God is leading us into as He continues spreading the fragrance of Jesus and transforming lives around the world through our Butterflies and The Butterfly Story! 

This photo is the result of a contact in France who saw the LUV Butterfly Story translated and printed in french by Marie Carmen and her daughter Anne Hoffman. She told a friend in Kansas,USA who was going to visit an orphanage in Haiti last November. Her friend ordered 20 french Butterfly Story Books – Le Papillon through our on line store, and Marie Carmen shipped the books from France to Kansas. The Butterfly books then flew from Kansas to Haiti into the waiting hands of this beautiful little Haitian butterfly!  Please pray that all the precious young girls in this orphanage found their true value, identity and beauty reading Le Papillon!!


As we step into the next decade of our ministry, the Holy Spirit has given me an excitement and anticipation for the work and opportunities He has for us this year. ​It may be the “most anxious” year ​according to The New York Times, but we have much to look forward to if we keep our eyes on Jesus, the great work He has given us to do, and the power He has given us to do it. He has called us to “reach the world by reaching women” – there are millions more still to reach!


LUV Organizational News
At our 10 year Anniversary event I shared that from 2007-2017 the Lord has grown our ministry in 23 countries,18 languages, reaching over 50,000 women, and growing multiple butterfly groups of women experiencing transformation and freedom in Jesus, all over the world. Amazingly in-spite of our growth, our staff and annual operating costs have remained the same each year! I am deeply thankful to Amanda Johnson and Sherry Blevins who have faithfully supported and assisted me in their respective administrative roles as the ministry has grown and spread so quickly. Both women have given their best to serve the Lord by serving me, our ministry and our Butterflies.

However, as we begin 2018 our LUV Board felt it wise and timely to review our operating systems and staffing, in anticipation of the growth of the ministry this year and the next 10 years. As a result, Angie Diaz has joined Love UnVeiled as my Executive Assistant & Operations Manager. Angie has been part of LUV weekly discipleship groups in Avalon since 2014, leading small groups herself last year. She was the success behind our Global Anniversary Conference in her voluntary role as Event Coordinator. God has given her a heart and desire to use her gifts in a more formal capacity to help us develop systems and operations to support me and the ministry in our growth. We are delighted she has accepted this position. Sherry will continue in her role and gifting as Hospitality Coordinator and support Angie in administration. Amanda will continue in her role and gifting supporting Angie in accounts, media and publishing.

Please join me in welcoming Angie to our LUV team.

Prayer This Weekend; Workshop 5
I am excited to begin our first of many workshops this year with our group from France, North Carolina and Orlando. Please keep each of the butterflies in prayer. Each one needs a fresh anointing from God to fulfill her ministry.
The river of God is full of water! Psalm 65:9. Please pray fervently for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we bathe in the river of God’s word and His living water this weekend. Pray that each woman will be revived, refreshed and re-envisioned to return to her ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring transformation and freedom to women in her country and community.
Thank you for your prayers and continued partnership in the work God has called us to do this year, to set women free to build HIS kingdom for HIS glory world wide!
In His Love



​  ​
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LUV Looking Back, Looking Forward

Dear friend,

As we close the end of 2017 and look towards the New Year, I don’t have enough words to express my grateful thanks for your faithful prayers and financial support this year.

The highlight of 2017 was the immense joy of our butterflies gathering from around the world in Orlando to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary. All glory to God!  Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts which allowed this event to happen!  I believe it has energized and inspired our Butterflies to fly higher and persevere in reaching more women around the world and in their communities with God’s love and freedom next year.

The Butterfly Effect” is like a tsunami of love – as each woman finds her freedom in Jesus, begins to fly and compels others to join her, the Holy Spirit is creating a movement of women in love with Jesus and impacting their communities, countries and the world.

Looking ahead to 2018

God is opening new doors as butterflies find their wings in Europe.  The impact of Marie Carmen spreading her wings in France led to an invitation for me to meet with CRU European women leaders in Madrid in November.  Since then, several women are already sharing the Butterfly story in their countries and requesting Butterfly training;

Butterflies spreading their wings in Europe:

Netherlands:I explained the gospel with this booklet (the Butterfly Story) with several women. I keep it in my purse so that I can share in God’s timing. Thank you for giving me this book in Madrid!”

Lithuania:I thank God for this meeting, He is still working in my heart. I already started to use some things you taught about the caterpillar and butterfly with Christian and non-Christian woman.  I have a dream for the women of my country and maybe the things God opened to you are the ones He wants me to share here, in Lithuania….How can I learn deeper? Will teaching be held in Europe?

Switzerland:When I came to the conference, I felt like a butterfly, just sitting and waiting on a leaf with confusion and discouraged. The way you explained the simple story about the butterfly was like oil to my soul; simple and deep, and gave me encouragement to bring this story to my 30 Leaders. I would like to get more training and be equipped to bring the gospel to women. I feel a fire in my heart. If you organize a Workshop in Europe in the future, I would be very interested to participate.

Dear friend and partner, God still has work for us to do together! I cannot do it without you.  I am excited about what He is preparing for us to do in 2018.  As He draws more women around the world to Himself  through the movement of His Holy Spirit in the Butterfly Effect, I value your continued partnership in monthly giving or in one time gifts as the Lord leads. If you would like to make an end of year gift towards resources, translations, printing, training and travel to equip and empower more butterflies next year to share the gospel and make disciples, you can make your end of year gift here:


On behalf of the Love UnVeiled Board, LUV team and our Butterflies worldwide, we pray God’s richest blessing and favor on you and your family in 2018.

With warm love and appreciation


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Christmas Letter

Dear friend and partner,

Since I last wrote, I have been in Madrid, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand and I’m now in the UK with my family for Christmas. I feel blessed beyond words by God’s love and grace in providing this wonderful trip at the end of our 10th year of ministry, and to see new doors ​God is ​opening to the future.


God poured out His love and ​healing as the Holy Spirit met with us at the CRU Europe women leaders gathering in Madrid, where I was invited to speak by our French Butterfly, Marie Carmen. It was a precious time. I was encouraged hearing the women’s vision to mobilize women in Europe. God is opening doors for us to partner together in the coming days. I’m excited to share more about that in my next update!

​Thailand:In Bangkok I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving and the first part of December with my dear friends who pastor the “Evangelical Church of Bangkok” where believers from over 60 nations gather for worship. David and Ty have been a blessing to me in my years traveling in Asia. It was fantastic to see how this wonderful church has grown spiritually and in numbers​ based on their vision and foundation of prayer, the word and making disciples of all nations. ​During the advent services this month 80 people from different nations raised their hands for salvation!  They are a shining light in the midst of the great darkness in Bangkok.

​​UK: ​I am now with my family for Christmas. God has continued to pour out His blessing allowing me to participate with our Butterflies in the Carol Service at my father’s church, to share the Butterfly Story at my sister’s school where she is the principal, and to meet with the pastor of the church I attended as a teenager and to be invited to share the Butterfly story at his church on Christmas Eve. This invitation came about as the result of British friends ​from this church ​attending our Love UnVeiled Partner ​ Celebration in Orlando in October. They confessed that until then,​ they had only a vague understanding of what God is doing through Love UnVeiled. But hearing the testimonies first hand,​ from our Butterflies around the world, God really touched their hearts ​prompting an invitation for me to meet with their pastor in the UK this week. I appreciate your prayers for this opportunity and privilege to share with my previous home church on Christmas Eve – and for the doors God may be opening there.

​In the midst of the bad new​​s reports we hear daily from around the world, I have experienced such great joy traveling the world and hearing Christmas carols sung in different countries, languages and cultures.The lights, the carols and the Spirit of Jesus are shining over cities world wide bringing hope and joy like no other religion, organization or political agenda can do. ​In the midst of sadness, chaos ​and fear, the Good News of Jesus’ birth, Emmanuel, God with us, is still impacting the world ​whether or not the world understands it.  Let us take the opportunity to spread the fragrance, the joy and the light and the love of Jesus wherever we are this Christmas!  We have something great to celebrate – Christ in us the hope of glory!
As we celebrate Christmas this Monday would you take a moment to PRAY for our Butterflies who are ministering to the broken-hearted.
​Wishing you the joy of the Lord this Christmas, and a very very Happy and Blessed Christmas with your family and friends!🎄
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